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What We’re Reading:

Apr. 2:

Oil Scare Turns FedEx On To Energy Efficiency by John Ydstie, NPR

Feb. 7:

Boeing Workers Fix Production Bottlenecks by David Kesmodel,Wall Street Journal

Jan. 11:

Swagelok Main Plant: IW Best Plants Profile 2011 by David Blanchard, Industry Week

Jan. 5:

U.S. Manufacturing Is A Bright Spot In U.S. Economy by Floid Norris, The Wall Street Journal

Sep. 16:

UPS’s Latest Efficiency Move Ditch the Keys by Jennifer Levitz, The Wall Street Journal

Sep. 2:

Operations Expert Takes Lead at Apple in APICS: Operations Management Now

Aug. 18:

Why We Left Our Factories In China by Sheridan Prasso, CNN Money

Mar. 28:

Critical (Re)thinking: How ICUs Are Getting A Much-Needed Makeover by Melinda Back, The Wall Street Journal

Feb 13:

WSJ Steel Price Increases Creep Into Supply Chain by Robert Guy Mathews, The Wall Street Journal

Jan. 6:

Where the Fortune 500 CEOs Went to College by Brian Burnse, U.S. News & World Report