FISA Welcome Dinner

July 25, 2011

More details to follow.

Welcome to Fisher Indian Students Association home webpage

May 8, 2009

The Fisher Indian Students Association (FISA) welcomes the batch of 2013 to the Fisher College of Business. We have a lot of events planned for this year. Our mission is to present opportunities for our members to have an all round experience. These are directed towards:

  • Social and Cultural
  • Professional Development
  • Community Service

A glimpse of the events under each of these categories are:

Social and Cultural

  • FISA Welcome Dinner
  • Diwali Dinner
  • Cricket – Learn n’ Play
  • Movie Night
  • Social Mixer

Professional Development

  • Speaker Series
  • International Business Conference
  • Networking events

Community Service

  • Community Service Day

We will be updating the Events Calendar as and when an event is confirmed. So, watch for any updates.