FisherServes Investing in Columbus


FisherServes is a graduate student led organization at the Max M. Fisher College of Business that is committed to promoting awareness of civic and social responsibilities and to connecting the Fisher College of Business with the surrounding community by leading service-based initiatives throughout the Columbus area

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  • Community outreach
  • Volunteerism
  • Philanthropy


Every student enrolled with Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University is de-facto member of FisherServes. From these students, FisherServes seeks to identify Executive Committee members from the incoming class of MBA, MLHR, MBLE and MACC.

FisherServes has received the Best Student Organization Award for 2008 and also one of its flagship events Fisher 5K was adjudged the Outstanding Student Organization Program Award for 2008. Know more about these awards in our News section.

So are you interested in becoming a part of the team that drives this organization. You can do that by becoming an Executive Committee member. Please go through the FisherServes Brochure.

FisherServes Brochure: Download [pdf]

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