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    Welcome to SCNO at The Ohio State University.

    Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations (SCNO) is a national organization in its fifth year at The Ohio State University.  SCNO offers strategic consulting for local non-profit clients free of charge.  Student associates add value to non-profit clients by translating the knowledge they have gained in the classroom and through their own employment experience to real world problems that non-profit companies face every day.  SCNO is unique in that it benefits its non-profit clients while simultaneously developing its student associates.


    Involvement in SCNO entails unparallel professional development and practical experiences.  Become a member of one of the most engaging student organizations on campus.  Read more…


    If you are interested in our services, read more at our Potential Clients Page.


    SCNO provides all services free of charge.  If you are a professional interested in sponsoring our organization or getting involved in our work, please view our Sponsors page.

    Semester Newsletter

    To learn more about the progress of SCNO last semester, make sure to check out our Semester Newsletter!