2016-2017 WPMBA Student Council Members

Members of the WPMBA Student Council act as the voice of and advocates for the student body. The council works with the administration to implement changes that streamline, improve and add value to the program. The council’s work goes beyond the walls of Fisher to introduce personal and professional opportunities that enhance the student experience. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


2016-2017 WPMBA Student Council Members:



Sean L. West


I currently work at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and starting my second-year in the WPMBA program. As Council President, I will work to ensure the forward progress of the WPMBA program while striving to represent the interests of all WP students. I am eager to collaborate with my talented classmates to continue moving the program in the right direction.  Welcome to the WPMBA family!  Please, reach out to any members on the student council.  We are here to help smooth the transition into Fisher, and build your network.


Vice President

Ken Bickle


There are two main reasons I believe make me a great Vice President candidate. The first reason would be that, like many of my classmates, I am a current OSU employee. Though, as an OSU employee, we receive a terrific tuition benefit, we are all subject to have that benefit taxed and withheld from our paychecks. The current process requires us to submit a waiver for our classes each semester and then fall mercy to our payroll department to determine if each class meets the requirements of receiving an exemption. I, like many of my peers, have seen the results of that determination turn into a frustrating, expensive, and somewhat unpredictable crap shoot. If I were to get elected, I would search out and fight for more predictability to that process and further assistance in getting more of our classes exempt from taxation. I know there is more that can be done because I have a sibling in a similar situation, in another college within OSU, who has had that college’s administrators go to bat for them and succeed.

Another reason I would be a great Vice President candidate is I would strengthen our classmates’ voices in adjustments to current class curricula and teaching methods. Over the last 15 months, I have listened to a vast number of my classmates feel extremely frustrated over classes they’ve taken that were either taught at a substandard level or didn’t address the topics they deemed useful. The WPMBA is one of the most, if not the most, expensive per credit hour program in the state and should deliver an education at a similar level. If I were to be elected, I would actively pursue our students having a stronger voice to change teaching methods and class topics we feel are substandard.



Aditi Vadodkar


I work in a clinical research laboratory, where I lead a team of highly motivated scientists. My clinical research at the Wexner Medical Center focuses on stress induced depression and anxiety and role of anti depressants in therapy. This research requires extensive planning and collaborations with diverse group of people in ever changing competitive environment. The small tricks that I have developed from my research has taught me how to manage highly challenging and stressful situations. My one year of juggling between classes and clinical research has made me realize the amount of stress and challenges working professionals undergo on a daily basis finding that right “work life balance”. I will create more opportunities such that more fisher resources are available to the WP students who are generally unable to make the best use due to time and distance constraints. I will also increase interaction between fisher faculty-students as well as professional opportunities from outside business. As a member of student council I will do my best to make fisher experience a fun and de stressing memory for the rest of our life. Thank you for taking time to consider me! Go WP’s! Go Bucks!



Kyle J. Caldwell


The Working Professional MBA Student Council offers guidance, network opportunities, and acts as a central voice to advocate concerns, commendations, and relay important information to graduate students. The WP MBA Student Council also strives to continuously improve the Ohio State & Fisher student experience and build networks and camaraderie. It is an honor to give back to the WP Student Council as the active Secretary. I have been fortunate enough to lead continuous improvement projects throughout my career, and I understand the time commitment and responsibilities which drive projects toward success. I will continue to be a voice for the WP students and aspire a continuous improvement mindset to maintain the success of the WP Student Council.


External PR

Nikki Bagga


Those who know me say I am a very positive person. I am outgoing, love meeting and interacting with new people, and I enjoy helping others. I am always cracking jokes and laughing, but don’t let that fool you! I am a hard worker and enjoy tackling new challenges. As a member of the WPMBA council, I commit to be a valuable source for new and current students in the program. I would like to help students’ voices be heard, facilitate networking through a variety of events, and, most importantly, help those in the program to have the best experience they possibly can.


Internal PR

Anna Merkle


Anna is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Philadelphia to obtain her BA from Bryn Mawr College in Chemistry and later obtained her MS and PhD from the University of Michigan. She loved the Midwest so much that she moved to Columbus for an Information Analyst position at Chemical Abstract Services.

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2015-2015 WPMBA Council Elections

As the academic year comes to a close, it is time to elect representatives for the 2015-2016 academic year. Members of the WPMBA Student Council act as the voice of and advocates for the student body. The council works with the administration to implement changes that streamline, improve and add value to the program. The council’s work goes beyond the walls of Fisher to introduce personal and professional opportunities that enhance the student experience.

I am pleased to announce the candidates for the 2015-2016 WPMBA Council:


Kelly Dimmen

Kelly Dimmen

“One of the highlights of the WPMBA experience is meeting new people and making lasting connections during your time in the program. If elected to office, I will make sure you have the opportunity to ‘network’ while celebrating your Buckeye pride by carrying on the tailgating tradition this fall. I may not be able to hold down the grill like Mr. Voorhees, but I can guarantee there will be beverages, food, and a great atmosphere. I will also represent your voice with the administration and work to provide an ever better program experience for every WPMBA. Go Bucks.”


Vice President

Bethany Powell

Bethany Powell

“As a second year WPMBA student at Fisher, I’m proud both for being a Buckeye and for having the opportunity to experience firsthand why Fisher is one of the best business schools in the country. Each and every one of us are truly fortunate to be part of such a quality education program.

As I start my second year of the program, I would like to join the WPMBA Student Council to support the things that make our program great, while working to continually make improvements. As the Vice President of the Student Council I would like to work to implement an increase of quality opportunities scheduled to fit the lives of busy Working Professional students. I would like to see a greater level of transparency and better communication about these opportunities to the WP students.

Through my work as a project lead, I have previous experience working with new challenges, asking the right questions, and leading a team. This experience will help me to effectively contribute to a successful year of activities. I’m excited for the opportunity to put this experience to work for the Student Council.”



James (JD) Pisula


“Fellow students, I am running for Treasurer of the WPMBA council because I feel I am uniquely qualified for this position. I have been fortunate to have gained valuable experience in my short professional career, having worked in the administrations of a sitting Governor and state Treasurer. These experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge on how to work with various constituencies, pursue practical policies, and effectively communicate. Additionally, I believe I am qualified for Treasurer because I have experience with fundraising and financial analysis. I understand the the importance of the WPMBA council and I want to be part of the team that builds off the achievements of the current council while focusing on how to add value to the program for all WPMBAs. As a former college athlete, I understand the importance of teamwork while working towards common goals. This program is a significant investment of time and money and we deserve to benefit from all the resources that Ohio State and Fisher have to offer. I look forward to this opportunity and I appreciate your consideration.”



Ken Kuwabara

Ken Kuwabara

“My whole life, my family taught me the importance of “taking care of our family”.  When I attended to OSU the first time in 2005 I arrived at a campus of 50,000 strong not knowing a single person and no idea of what would come of my decision.  By the time I graduated in 2009, I left Columbus with friends that had become family to me knowing that I was going to be just fine.  Upon returning home, a friend referred me to a job in an industry that I am still absolutely in love with.  Four years later when I was looking for an institution to continue my education with, I could think of no better than the place that taught me about family.  I had made it thus far because the people around me believed in me, and in this overly competitive world, it is important now more than ever that we look out for one another.  In my short time back in Columbus I have been fortunate to meet those people at Fisher.  My goal with the council is if you have a concern or opinion, it does not fall on deaf ears.  We are all at Fisher for the same reason: to make our lives and those around us better.  But it is a very tough road and why walk it alone if you don’t have to?  We are in this together.  Lets take care of our family.”


Internal Public Relations

Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis

“Throughout my first year in Fisher’s WPMBA program, I have been continually impressed by the WPMBA Student Council’s dedication and record of achievement. As the Internal PR Coordinator for next year’s council, I believe that I can contribute to the continued success of the group as it works to advocate for Fisher’s Working Professional students. WP students have a unique set of needs and interests that are too often overlooked by the administration and by our classmates enrolled in Fisher’s full-time programs. I believe that we can and should make the full slate of Fisher’s resources more accessible to WP students, who are often prevented from taking advantage of educational and networking opportunities due to the constraints of time or distance. My goal is to increase engagement of WP students through improved communications, enhanced collaboration with other student groups, and ongoing dialogue with faculty and administration. I am particularly interested in the Internal PR position because of my professional background in program development, marketing, and communications. Thank you for your consideration.”


External Public Relations

Mindy Morton

Mindy Morton

“I am excited for this opportunity to serve with my fellow students on the student council, in particular I would like to communicate the amazing resource that the Fisher WP program can offer to companies and leaders in our area both in terms of providing additional training for leaders and as a potential source for future leaders. Columbus has a vibrant and active business community that we can network with and learn from and I would hope to bring that into our studies.
I am a second year WPMBA with my own sales business and considerable experience in sales and networking in OEM and national retail. I feel that I can be an asset to the program given a chance to serve. I have a husband and two sons 17 and 23 and live in Delaware where I have been most of my career traveling nationally with my company.”
Andrew (AJ) Otey
Andrew Otey

“The current Student Council has done a tremendous job of being the voice and advocate of the student body. Running for council, I will continue this legacy and build upon their momentum.  There is a lot we can still accomplish, and with the announcement of Shashi Matta as Director of the WPMBA program, it is an exciting time to be a WPMBA student. Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to have our voice heard and improve the Fisher experience. I will lead us in this direction. As a Student Council member, I will enhance WPMBA activities, increase student-faculty interaction, and facilitate new ideas that are brought to the Student Council.

 In clinical research, I work to make the hospital a better and safer place. I help lead a team of physicians to investigate new drugs and devices in patients for the first time. This requires extensive planning and preparation to ensure patient safety. My skillset enables me to deliberate with diverse groups and develop executable action plans. As a Student Council member, I will create new WPMBA opportunities in a similar fashion. In particular, I plan to engage new personal and professional opportunities with outside businesses. Likewise, I plan to increase faculty and student interaction by establishing more philanthropic events, like the Fisher Follies and the Fisher ProfAm Golf Scramble.

As an OSU employee, I proudly represent a third of our student population. Whenever University policies change, I will provide immediate feedback to the student body and work with administrators to address your concerns, such as the employee Tuition Assistance Tax Exclusion benefit. Due to the proximity of the medical center to the business school, I am able to move back and forth between locations throughout the day. This enables me to hold meetings with Fisher administrators anytime. If elected, I will actively represent the WPMBA students and work relentlessly to improve the WPMBA program.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for Student Council. I appreciate your vote and look forward to serving you as your next council member. Best of luck to all the candidates. Go Bucks!”


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2015-2016 Council Elections!

If you would like to nominate yourself to serve on next year’s WPMBA Student Council, please provide a photograph, brief biosketch, personal statement and the position of choice by April 10, 2015. (Send materials to trisha.a.kennedy@gmail.com or whitcomb.41@osu.edu)

You can also nominate someone else* by sending a name and a position to the above email. If your recommendation accepts the nomination, they will submit their own personal materials.

Council Positions Include:
Vice President
Internal Public Relations
External Public Relations

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